Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm no rockstar.

I might not be the the person who plays the guitar and sing songs about life and love in front of a bunch of music enthusiasts. If you can accept an off tuned, low pitched and flat sound accompanying a strum of a guitar played in a manner where the deaf wishes not to hear if they got a chance to gain their sense of hearing, then you are more than welcome to buy the ticket to my concert. But mind me, I don't have a myspace music account for me to keep track of my fans and also to post items regarding the upcoming events in my life, which most rockstars (or rockstar wanna-be) have. So, I'm no rockstar.

The thing is, I'm not even a rock, so why dream on becoming a star?

I'm soft. I'm consists of a vanilla-cream-filled core , covered by a soft bun which melts in you mouth the moment you take the first bite. Don't touch me when your palms are sweaty, or I'll melt in your hand. Things will definitely get messy if you play with me. So, lesson one, wipe you hands before you have any intention to come near me. Hence, I'm not even close to the family of rocks. I'm indulge-able. Haha. The point is, my interpretation of rock here has nothing to do with the head banding or screaming-your lungs out type of songs. Rock equals to hard and pain.

But in reality, there is no such thing as a soft-star or even an indulge-able star. My interpretation of a star is not based on fortune. For me, fame is the key essence of becoming a star. But I believe fame has nothing to do with your position in the society. Fame is when you have the greatest circle of family and friends around you, who supports you and never fail to push you to the top. They love you unconditionally, and sits beside you when you are at the lowest point in your life. They unleash the best in you, and let you glow. That glow is what makes you the star. I'm no ordinary star.I glow because of the people who is in my life, in the past, present and hopefully, the future.

Pertaining to the earlier question,

I'm not even a rock, so why dream on becoming a star?

My answer would be,

I am a star, and I had never dream of becoming a rock.

............and I'm proud to be a soft-indulge-able-glowing-star!


Arifah said...

Your writings are often the amusement. Hehhe. I wish I have a non-dysfunctional family who put love in the open and supports me unconditionally. But then I won't be the person I am and you won't be the person you are today if not for the family we have, ait? =D

liyana 'querida said...

family always come first :)