Monday, November 3, 2008

The Confidant

"Why did you choose to be a doctor?"

Since the first day I stepped in Med school, I've been flooded with this type of question. The way people ask me is different,of course, but everytime they brought it up , it NEVER failed to annoy me.

"Why do you want to be a Dr eh?"
"Apesal amik medical? Tak susah ke? Boleh jadi gila tau..."
"Why did you choose medicine in the first place? No life tau.."

To tell you the truth, even me myself don't know the definite answer. I would be lying lah if I say 'I want to help people', or 'because I want to save lives'.

Just now, I did a Personality Test ,

and the result turns out to be..

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From Wikipedia:

In theater, the confidant (feminine: confidante, same pronunciation) character is usually someone the lead character confides in and trusts. Typically, these consist of the best friend, relative, doctor or boss. The confidant character is most common in romantic comedy film but often appear in other genres.

THE CONFIDANT, lets ignore the visionary part shall we :P

And the excerpt from Wikipedia explains it all. Now I have a clear idea of how to the answer the earlier question. YAY!

But the thing that caught me the most from the result is I'm 68% judgmental. Pretty ironic. I'm not really a big fan of people who judge other people, but for my surprise, I'm one of them. I guess I have to work that out somehow.

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