Friday, November 28, 2008


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Thanks for the tag anot. But I did the first tag only, the second one I dare not do (takut kena sumpahan).

7 ciri² wanita/lelaki idaman anda.

  • He must be straight/ tak gay or bisexual.
  • I won't exceed his height even when I'm wearing heels.
  • Not clinging. Means I don't have to stand more than 5 times of phone calls per day asking "where are you?"
  • Have a good sense of humor and he can laughs at my jokes.
  • Can guide me to the right path.
  • Good looks won't hurt=p
7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.
  • Lance Bass
  • Dave Moffats
  • Johnny Depp
  • Milo Ventigmilia
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Ilhan Mansiz
  • Khairul Hafidz Al-Khair (pernah dan akan terus~hee)
[sila baca >entry< ini untuk penjelasan lanjut]

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.
  • Berdebar-debar
  • Gembira tak terkata
  • Nak terkencing dan sakit perut, bila sampai toilet terbantut semuanya.
  • Gelisah kerana tak tahu nak makan apa (esp. the first date lah haha. Kalau pegi McD confirm order nuggets je.sekarang bantai semua)
  • When waiting for him, menyesal, apesal lah aku buat keje bodoh ni.
  • When he comes, senyum bagai nak rak. Mengalahkan doraemon.
  • Tak cukup tidur malam sebelum date.
7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.
  • Bali
  • Europe
  • Hawaii
  • America
  • Australia
  • India
  • Egypt
[Mekah and Madinah tak termasuk dalam list ini. Kerana ia termasuk dalam list MESTI DAN AKAN PERGI Insyaallah.]

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.
  • Jam tangan
  • Barangan elektrik
  • Kereta
  • Laptop
  • Coklat
  • Baju
  • Handphone
[kalau ada duit la]

7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.
  • Lelaki Ini by Anuar Zain [tukar kepada perempuan ini]
  • My Heroine by Silverstein
  • Dan Sebenarnya by Yuna
  • Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz
  • Ikhlas Tapi Jauh by V.E.
  • Ocean Size Love by Leigh Nash
  • Awake by Secondhand Serenade

7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat PERIHAL 7 ini.
  • sesiapa
  • yang
  • terasa
  • nak
  • buat
  • teramatlah
  • dialu-alukan
[cukup 7 kan kan kan]


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Current checklist:

Accident & Emergency
Family Medicine
Community Medicine
Obstetric and Gynecology

Yeahhh! Four more to go! And hopefully, if I pass all of the end posting exams, I will be able to fly to Sandakan for my elective, which will be the first time in history I will be away from my family for more than a week! SIX WEEKS to be exact. For the first time, I will be out of my tempurung. InsyaAllah, if the hospital in Sandakan is willing to take us-lah. Currently the girls and I are putting our thoughts together in order to write an essay on why we have chosen Sabah for our electives. We have no idea on what to write, but I the only thing that I have in mind right now is to jalan-jalan, and the reason we chosen Sabah is because we got will have a chance to go to lots of exciting places! Okay I know I'm not taking this thing seriously. Neeeeeed tooo fooocuuussss. Naah~ Not right now. Still in the holiday mood. :P

I've finished my end posting Psychiatry exam just now. *Relieved*. Sekarang perlu tawakkal je, I did my VERY best, and hope all the craps that I've blurted out this morning was enough in order for me to pass. After four years living as a medical student, getting a pass is more than enough for me. If I'm aiming for distinction, I think I will be wearing a one inch thick glasses and walking like a dead corpse by now.

Psychiatric posting was FUN! At first, I can't deny lah, I was scared like shite, and I don't think I can go to the ward and deal with the mentally disabled. Stigma punya pasal lah. But as time goes by, the idea of going to the ward and clinic was very far from nerve-wracking. I'm very proud of myself because I managed to stay in the ward until evening! Kalau time medicine posting, pukul 12 dah nak balik bilik. Ngehehe.

For the medical students yang belum lagi psychiatric posting, I can assure you, it will be an unforgettable train ride of your life. For others, I know, the things that will come to your mind if you think about the mentally disabled is "they does not belong to the society, desert them..bla..bla". Remember this! They have feelings too, just like all of us. Only that their brain-hormones are not really in balance. Just think it this way, if your estrogen or testosterone are imbalance, your behavior will be slightly or very far from normal-kan? Just like them-lah. I'm not saying that if you see them in public you can pat them at the back and talk about the weather. Just for once, put the stigma aside, and treat them like human beings. They have too much stressors in their lives to begin with. *emo kejap :P*

Quoted from a mural in Hospital Bahagia Tg Rambutan:

"Bahagia kami, kami bahagia...."

Actually I have no idea what it means, but I want to add something to it:

"Bahagia kami, kami bahagia, semua bahagia, mari berbahagia"

Perfect! Now all I have to do is call Hospital Bahagia and ask them to repaint the mural. At least the inmates have something to do other than working in the kebun or running around naked in the 544 hectars of land.:P

Footnote : Currently on holiday mode! Yay! 26 days in counting before he comes back home! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doze off therapy.

  • Location : Relaxation Therapy Room, Federal Lunatic Asylum aka Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta.
  • Camera : 5mp Sony Ericsson Cybershot C902. Unknown shutter speed (trying to describe it like a photography-geek but she knows she is far from being one)
  • Purpose : Light therapy for people with anxiety disorder.

For your information, I have a fair share of having difficulty in falling asleep, which is a very common problem in every healthy, ungrateful homosapiens. Previously, if I have difficulty in dozing off in one particular night or if I want to take a nap, what i will usually do is:

I will count sheeps.

Yep. I know its lame.. old school..and very conventional.

Blah blah. But somehow, I found the countings can distract me from thinking about everything. I'm a thinker and usually, I keep all my problems to myself. So, imagine lah betapa banyaknya masalah diri I have to think about, belum lagi masalah negara tu. :P

Last week, I had a daytrip to the prestigious hospital bahagia located in Tanjung Rambutan (which has been a very enjoyable and memorable trip, I will definitely go there again, considering its very near to my kampung. But as a commoner lah :P), and I had a chance to visit the relaxation therapy room, which is indicated for patients who have anxiety disorder. There, I manage to capture the above pictures. Nice isn't it? And I was wondering, kan ke best ada lampu mcm tu dalam bilik. Confirm boleh tido ngan nyenyaknya...

But the thing is, kat mana la nak dapat beli lampu secantik tu. Kalau ada pon, it will definitely cost a fortune. So, for the time being, I will stick on counting sheeps in order to get a good night sleep. If not, who will take care of my precious, fluffy sheeps? I know I cannot count on Mary. She has her own lambs to be taken care of.

Footnote : As far as I can remember, I usually count not far from 20 sheeps before I slept. I really have to count more in order to outnumber Mary's lambs. She has been in this business for quite a long time thats for sure. So, my future goal is; buy the neon lights and breed more sheeps.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm no rockstar.

I might not be the the person who plays the guitar and sing songs about life and love in front of a bunch of music enthusiasts. If you can accept an off tuned, low pitched and flat sound accompanying a strum of a guitar played in a manner where the deaf wishes not to hear if they got a chance to gain their sense of hearing, then you are more than welcome to buy the ticket to my concert. But mind me, I don't have a myspace music account for me to keep track of my fans and also to post items regarding the upcoming events in my life, which most rockstars (or rockstar wanna-be) have. So, I'm no rockstar.

The thing is, I'm not even a rock, so why dream on becoming a star?

I'm soft. I'm consists of a vanilla-cream-filled core , covered by a soft bun which melts in you mouth the moment you take the first bite. Don't touch me when your palms are sweaty, or I'll melt in your hand. Things will definitely get messy if you play with me. So, lesson one, wipe you hands before you have any intention to come near me. Hence, I'm not even close to the family of rocks. I'm indulge-able. Haha. The point is, my interpretation of rock here has nothing to do with the head banding or screaming-your lungs out type of songs. Rock equals to hard and pain.

But in reality, there is no such thing as a soft-star or even an indulge-able star. My interpretation of a star is not based on fortune. For me, fame is the key essence of becoming a star. But I believe fame has nothing to do with your position in the society. Fame is when you have the greatest circle of family and friends around you, who supports you and never fail to push you to the top. They love you unconditionally, and sits beside you when you are at the lowest point in your life. They unleash the best in you, and let you glow. That glow is what makes you the star. I'm no ordinary star.I glow because of the people who is in my life, in the past, present and hopefully, the future.

Pertaining to the earlier question,

I'm not even a rock, so why dream on becoming a star?

My answer would be,

I am a star, and I had never dream of becoming a rock.

............and I'm proud to be a soft-indulge-able-glowing-star!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Grateful List

Senarai Kesyukuran Liyana

Liyana's Grateful List
( written in Malay)

1. Saya bersyukur kerana saya baru lepas makan semasa post entry ini

2. Saya bersyukur kerana Allah telah memanjangkan umur saya untuk hidup selama 21 tahun 10 bulan dan 19 hari dan saya bersyukur untuk hari-hari yang bakal saya tempuhi, Insyaallah.

3. Saya bersyukur mempunyai seorang kakak, merangkap kawan perempuan paling baik saya dunia akhirat, dan kami berkongsi baju, bilik, rahsia, masalah dan banyak lagi. (boyfriend tak termasuk ye :P)

4. Saya bersyukur mama dan ayah saya seorang yang memahami, sporting dan tidak pernah mengongkong saya.

5. Saya bersyukur kerana kereta Satria kakak saya (juga kereta saya dan adik beradik saya) yg bernama 'Micheal @ Mike" (sebab dia ada resting tremor @ Parkinson) sekarang secara tak langsung digunakan oleh saya diatas sebab-sebab yang tak payahlah diterangkan panjang lebar disini.

6. Saya bersyukur kerana saya mempunyai teman lelaki yang amat memahami saya dan saya amat selesa bersama dengannya.

7. Saya bersyukur kerana walaupun saya pernah merancang untuk menjalani diet selama sebulan, tetapi saya hanya mampu bertahan untuk sehari. (logik ke bersyukur sbb ni? ergh bantai laa)

8. Saya bersyukur kerana saya mampu bertahan selama 4 tahun di Sekolah Perubatan dan berharap saya mampu bertahan setahun lagi!

9. Saya bersyukur kerana saya lompat darjah tiga semasa tahun 1996.

10. Saya bersyukur kerana saya tinggal di pinggiran bandar.

11. Saya bersyukur kerana mendapat hidayah untuk mula memakai Hijab 9 tahun lepas.

12. Saya bersyukur kerana walaupun saya rabun jauh, saya masih boleh melihat dengan memakai cermin mata ataupun kanta lekap dan rabun jauh tidak termasuk dalam senarai OKU.

13. Saya bersyukur kerana hubungan saya dan adik-beradik sangat rapat.


14. Saya bersyukur kerana ahli keluarga saya selalu berkumpul untuk makan di meja makan di rumah dan selalu berkongsi lawak jenaka semasa makan.

15. Saya bersyukur kerana pada bulan Disember 2003, saya telah pergi ke rumah terbuka kawan saya di Seri Petaling.

16. Saya bersyukur kerana saya sudah mendapat lesen 'Competent' awal tahun ini.

17. Saya bersyukur kerana saya bukanlah seorang yang 'fussy' bila memilih makanan. Cuma saya allergic kepada ketam sahaja.

18. Saya bersyukur kerana saya bukanlah seorang Psikotik, walaupun saya rasa terdapat sedikit ciri-ciri Neurotik dalam diri saya.

19. Saya bersyukur kerana teman lelaki saya pernah membeli saya' plush toy' kucing kerana mahu saya mengatasi kelemahan 'ailurophobia'(fobia terhadap kucing) saya. Walaupun kehadiran patung itu tidak membawa apa-apa perubahan terhadap fobia itu, saya tahu dia telah cuba sedaya upaya untuk menolong saya mengatasi kelemahan saya dengan cara Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Itu sudah cukup bagi saya untuk berasa dihargai :)

20. Saya bersyukur kerana saya mempunyai kesedaran untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu setelah 5 tahun bergelumang dengan bahasa Melayu pasar/bahasa sms.

21. Saya bersyukur kerana kedua-dua Opah saya masih hidup dan saya berdoa setiap hari agar dipanjangkan umur mereka berdua supaya saya boleh merawat mereka apabila saya diiktiraf sebagai pegawai perubatan nanti.

22. Saya bersyukur kerana peristiwa nombor 15 telah menemukan saya dan teman lelaki saya buat pertama kali. :)

23. Saya bersyukur kerana mama dan ayah saya tidak pernah memaksa saya untuk menjurus ke bidang perubatan dan saya disini diatas kerelaan diri saya sendiri.

24. Saya bersyukur kerana saya masih berhubungan dengan kawan rapat saya semasa di sekolah menengah.

25. Saya bersyukur kerana saya tidak obsess untuk termasuk dalam golongan yang bersize extra small.

26. Saya bersyukur kerana saya dan rakan-rakan rapat saya di sekolah perubatan masih berkongsi cerita-cerita lawak dan suka duka berkaitan dengan kehidupan kami sebagai seorang pelajar dan juga kehidupan harian kami dan mampu ketawa terbahak-bahak sampai tak boleh bernafas.

27. Saya bersyukur kerana saya masih ada rasa bersalah dan mahu bertaubat selepas bergosip.

28. Saya bersyukur kerana setelah setahun menjalani kehidupan di kolej matrikulasi, saya telah mengenali ramai rakan-rakan yang sangat memberi kesan keatas kehidupan saya sekarang, terutama roomates saya di asrama P2- no 30. Saya sayang mereka!

29. Saya bersyukur walaupun impian saya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara, saya masih mendapat tempat membuat ijazah perubatan di dalam negara. Ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian.

30. Saya bersyukur mama dan ayah saya masih sihat untuk menjalani kehidupan harian. Semoga Allah mengurniakan mereka berdua kesihatan dan memanjangkan umur mereka berdua. Aminnnnn.

31. Saya bersyukur kerana harga petrol sudah turun. Semoga ia akan turun lagi di masa hadapan.

32. Saya bersyukur saya mempunyai platform untuk menulis isi hati saya, walaupun saya tahu followers saya sekumitt je.

33. Saya bersyukur keluarga besar saya di sebelah mama yang terdiri dari lebih 10 buah keluarga, mempunyai organisasi yang tersendiri untuk mengeratkan lagi tali persaudaraan kami.

34. Saya bersyukur kerana mempunyai sambungan wireless di rumah. Saya tidak lagi perlu berebut dengan adik beradik serta ayah saya di rumah untuk menggunakan internet di desktop. hehee

35. Saya bersyukur kerana saya dan cousin2 perempuan saya amat rapat sehingga kami mempunyai pact dan persatuan tarian bollywood sendiri :P

L-R: Me, Sarah, Kak Ira, Kak Ila, Kak Long

the cousins and neices in action (bila takde keje:P)

36. Saya bersyukur saya bukan seorang yang suka terlibat dalam shopping spree dan 'retail therapy' bukanlah satu therapy yang selalu saya jalani untuk membuat saya gembira.

37. Saya bersyukur kerana jarak hostel dan rumah saya hanyalah 20 minit perjalanan kereta sekiranya saya tidak tersangkut dalam kesesakan trafik. Oleh itu saya boleh balik rumah bila-bila masa sahaja!

38. Saya bersyukur dengan adanya teknologi IM (Instant Messaging) sekarang, saya mampu untuk berhubung dengan teman lelaki saya di Indonesia 24/7 tanpa perlu risau akan nilai kredit telefon saya.

39. Saya bersyukur saya mampu untuk menyanyi seorang diri di dalam kereta semasa memandu tanpa rasa segan silu walaupun risk kereta bersebelahan untuk men'accuse' saya gila itu tinggi.

40. Saya bersyukur kerana seorang blogger yang saya 'stalk' telah menyuruh 'Ramai orang' untuk post entry "Senarai Kesyukuran" ini di dalam blog mereka sekiranya 'Ramai orang' mahu. Terima Kasih kerana memberi idea kepada saya. Sekiranya anda mahu membuat senarai seperti ini juga, anda sememangnya dialu-alukan. :)

nota kaki : senarai ini ditulis secara rawak.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Confidant

"Why did you choose to be a doctor?"

Since the first day I stepped in Med school, I've been flooded with this type of question. The way people ask me is different,of course, but everytime they brought it up , it NEVER failed to annoy me.

"Why do you want to be a Dr eh?"
"Apesal amik medical? Tak susah ke? Boleh jadi gila tau..."
"Why did you choose medicine in the first place? No life tau.."

To tell you the truth, even me myself don't know the definite answer. I would be lying lah if I say 'I want to help people', or 'because I want to save lives'.

Just now, I did a Personality Test ,

and the result turns out to be..

Click to view my Personality Profile page

From Wikipedia:

In theater, the confidant (feminine: confidante, same pronunciation) character is usually someone the lead character confides in and trusts. Typically, these consist of the best friend, relative, doctor or boss. The confidant character is most common in romantic comedy film but often appear in other genres.

THE CONFIDANT, lets ignore the visionary part shall we :P

And the excerpt from Wikipedia explains it all. Now I have a clear idea of how to the answer the earlier question. YAY!

But the thing that caught me the most from the result is I'm 68% judgmental. Pretty ironic. I'm not really a big fan of people who judge other people, but for my surprise, I'm one of them. I guess I have to work that out somehow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Have you ever feel like you want to just lie down and do nothing?

Have you ever feel like you don't know what to eat, and think that all of the foods available are not worth eaten?

Have you ever felt like you want to kill your neighbor's dog?

Have you ever feel you want to bake a cake to make a living?

Have you ever fall in love?

Have you ever missed someone and you know you can do nothing about it other than let the feeling pass?

Have you ever feel like you have not eaten but actually you have?

Too much question to answer isn't it? Most of it are ridiculous, I know. Its normal to have ridiculous questions running in your mind. It makes you feel sane. Insane is when you say those questions out loud, especially when nobody is around. *sigh*

For now, let me answer those questions one by one. I have nothing to do at the moment, so ignore my silliness.

Have you ever feel like you want to just lie down and do nothing?
Yeah right now, thankfully I'm infront of my laptop or otherwise I'm already asleep.

Have you ever feel like you don't know what to eat, and think that all of the foods available are not worth eaten?
Every single weekday when I'm about to have my lunch in a typical nasi campur stall. Why can grass considered as a type of vegetable? For sure it contains fiber.

Have you ever felt like you want to kill your neighbor's dog?
By all means, yes! especially the one who barks at the middle of the night when I'm sleeping. So what if they saw a ghost or something. Keep quiet already.

Have you ever feel you want to bake a cake to make a living?
Cookies. I love baking cookies. But never as my permanent job la. Maybe as a side income. Haha

Have you ever fall in love?
Is this a trick question (aku yg buat question ni g tanye balik,mmg xde keje)?
Yes I have. :)

Have you ever missed someone and you know you can do nothing about it other than let the feeling pass?
Every single day. :( He is a thousand miles away from me..
Luckily YM connects us everyday. (bukan maxis or celcom ok :P)

Have you ever feel like you have not eaten but actually you have?
This seldom happens to me. My short term memory is not that bad lol.

Enough already. Need. Sleep. Now. Good. Night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've become a blogger!

I'm no longer a blogdriver. I've left Defining Querida for good, and moved on to Redefining Querida. Semoga kerajinan ku mengepos new entry bertambah2 lah. :P

Goodbye sayang. I had a lot of good times with you :) Will definitely miss the header picture. (not going to put it here though, tak masuk theme..hehe)