Saturday, August 29, 2009

Help needed.

I'm a mess.

Can somebody help me clean myself up?

Selamat Berpuasa everyone. Today is my first day of Ramadhan. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes, you, you and you.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

I heart you Don Juan DeMarco.

Yesterday, 17 Sya'aban 1470 Hijrah, was my birthday according to Hijrah Calendar. Go and get me a present already :P.

Unexpectedly, yesterday I received the greatest news of the week year. Alhamdulillah. Honestly, I was astounded by the news. Somehow, it changed my perspective on finishing the last bits of my school life. Not entirely, for sure. Seriously, I really need things like this in order to build up my spirit, rather than being passive most of the times. *sigh*. It was, beyond comparison, the best birthday present one can have.

Yet, the week has not ended.

The Noir et Blanc dinner took place yesterday. Pardon me for my ignorance for it was just recently I understand the meaning of the theme. Thank you Yahoo!Babel Fish.

Noir et Blanc means Black and White. I'm pathetic. Somebody told me that we were supposed to wear black and white, but I have to clue that it have something to do with the theme. No wonder lah they didn't put the dressing code in the banners and posters :P.

By the way, the dinner was supposed to be on the 31st of July. Since UPM was on a "piggy" holiday at that time, it was postponed to the 7th of August. I was furious devastated when I got the news, since my Don Juan DeMarco aka the boyfriend will be having some sort of Community program in Kedah at that particular time. The thing is, we have been planning to attend my final year dinner years back, since he won't be around during the annual medical dinner, he promised to accompany me to this particular dinner.

Being an awesome boyfriend, he told me that he will "escape" the event for a while in order to attend the dinner, since there was no program being held until the next morning :)) *Edwin McCain's I'll Be on the blackground*. Eventhough he had to take the 1230pm bus on that day and literally run to the LRT station to catch the 730pm train, and we had to bolt out right after the melaram session in order to catch the 1200am bus, it was all worthwhile.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank:

*vain gle aku*

Mama: For sponsoring my heels, being the best fashion critique (kalah Miss J!), altering my dress and last but not least, being a great sport :)

KakLong : For being such a great fashion critique (the 2nd liner, tak boleh lawan mama:P) as well as make-up artist! Mak pandai mekap nok!

1/3 of The Class of 2010
I will truly miss all of you guys!
Sayang korang. :)

and Don Juan DeMarco,
the greatest company of all time,
dibawa khas dari Indonesia ya Pak..
You are stuck with me for life.


p/s: I know, the tittle is a tad corny, but I will only write nothing but the truth...:P

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I took a nap in the middle of reading a topic about Labour.

And in the middle of the one hour or so nap, I dreamt I was in the Labour room,

and my patient was struggling to expel her baby.

and the only thing that I heard in that dream was this:

" Dr Liyana nak tidur, tolong jangan bersalin dulu..."

and this dialogue was told to the patient by the on-call ObGyn specialist.

when I woke up, I can't resist to wonder,

is this a dejavu?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

An opinion from an observant.

I've been waiting to write about this for a while. Since the purpose of having this blog is for me to share things which has been bugging me, so might as well I blurt it out rather that let it stick in my mind for GOD knows how long.

Since, InsyaAllah, in plus minus a year, I will become a certified Doctor, and will be working for the government for TEN years. Nope, that isn't a typo. *please pray for me*

After 4 years and one month of being a humble medical student of UPM, I have received a number of opinions regarding Doctors, particularly those working in the government. Most of the so-called opinions, were in the form of criticism. And out of all the criticism, most of them were being expressed in such anger that me myself cannot restrain from being angry to that particular doctors (talk about defending my own clan :P). But in between all that anger and hatred , I know there are a number of people who doesn't feel that way towards them, and these people includes the doctors' immediate family members, the doctors' with good looks and humor, doctors' who give free MCs, patients who are patience, patient who has a crush on doctors and I think thats all about it. Sadly, that list of people is quite restricted.

Back in the old days, Doctor is considered as the most noble proffession. Nowadays, doctors is being treated more or less like a kopitiam shop. Once you taste a sip of white coffee in Doctor X's kopitiam and feel like it doesn't give you the uumph, you will tend to go to Doctor Y's kopitiam the next morning. Doctor shopping is currently a new trend in our society, particularly in the urban areas. Since the society is more 'educated' (or should I change it to 'richer') nowadays, they tend to seek for various opinions regarding their sickness. I'm not saying that this kind of practice is wrong, it is just the matter of trust. Or is it the quality of doctors nowadays is not on par as before? For me, being a good doctor is just a matter of experience. The textbook that they were using back then doesn't change much today pun. The experiences which adds up after several years practicing makes people wiser than they were before.

The other thing that has been bugging me since I started my clinical years in medical school is why do the patients always think that once they step in a doctor's office, they will assume that the doctor knew about their sickness already?.

Come on, we are mere humans for God's sake. It's not like we have some kind of power where we can read the mind of our patient. From my experience, A LOT of people asked me why do doctors have to ask a lot of questions during consultations. They expect us to just talk a little, and touch a lot! No people, it doesn't work that way. Doctors are not molesters. If we are, might as well we drop everything and be a Masseuse.

"Your medical history will be some of the most important information your doctor needs in reaching a diagnosis..."
, those are the words (not exactly-lah) which I will be telling the patients or those angry people if they start to question me on the purpose of doctors asking a lot of questions during consultations. And yes, I received a lot of "ohhhhh..." and "yeke...", after explaining to them. I'm expressing all this opinions not for the sake of condemning a particular person. Generally, all of us have our own opinion about everthing. But there are always a reason for an action. Everthing in life has a purpose.

Oh, last but not least, I'm not having my PMS.