Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Humor me, please.

This week has been a very suprising week for me, really. Yet, I have another four more days to go! I conducted 2 deliveries this week! It was memorable, since the first one was an IUD baby (the baby died in utero) and the second one was a baby girl, and there were some technical difficulties I experienced during conducting. Should be more careful next time! Glad the doctors and Midwives were very helpful. Learnt some lesson out of it :)

Yesterday, I received another unexpected news. All UPM students, particularly in Serdang campus, were expected to evacuate our respective collages and return to our hometown until the 4th of August, as there were four UPM students were found positive of H1N1 virus. We were expected to quarantine ourselves. When I first got the news, I was in the labour room, waiting for another pregnant lady cervical os to be fully dilated. The feeling of disbelief mixed with upset, anger and a pinch of happiness surrounded me. The first thing that I can ever think of was tipu lahhhh, disusuli dengan..raya ni cuti panjang tak? dinner on lagi ke? ape aku nak buat esok lusa tulat dan hari seterusnya? On second thought, WTH, org dah bagi cuti. Terima je lah.

Later that evening, I went to Alamanda Putrajaya to have my late lunch. Guess whom bumped into? Pak Lah and his wife, strolling down Alamanda in their casual shirt, with no bodyguards whatsoever. My reaction was " macam penah nampak pakcik ni..tapi kat mana eh?...."Haha. Guess Alamanda is the new hanging spot for ex-PM.

Yesterday was my unofficial last day in ObGyn department as a medical student. ObGyn has always been fun and exciting. Lets just hope it will stay the same during my housemanship years too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Points : July '09

Somehow, I need to feed this blog with something.

So here's it:

1. The boyfriend has landed! :)))

2. Merchants of Bollywood was entertaining.

3. Finally, I'm a final year medical student.

4. I have to find a perfect outfit for dinner next week! Yikes!

5. I have oncall this weekend :( 800 - 0000. But somehow, I have a feeling that it going to be fruitful.

6. I'm rich.

The last statement is true. The end.