Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sandakan oh Borneo!

taken from karrantza's photostream

Current location : Sandakan, Sabah.

Yeah, for the first time in 22 years and 8 days of my life, I'm outside my comfort zone. For 6 solid weeks. I hope airasia is not planning giving off free tickets or I'll be the first one to book the flight and break my vow to stay here for 6 weeks without fail. *sigh*

And to make it more uninteresting, its it not purely for the reason of taking a break from my usual routine. It is supposed to be:
  1. 60% as a prerequisite before stepping to our final year of medical school
  2. 20% for an early exposure before becoming the so called 'House Officer'
  3. 15% be independant!
  4. 5% enjoy ourselves before our the finals.
But for me, it is a little bit different:
  1. 70% GO JOLI! and take pictures!
  2. 10% to meet the orangutans in Sepilok, Sandakan
  3. 9% to hit the beaches!
  4. 6% to go shopping
  5. 4% jalan-jalan, cari makan-makan.
  6. 1% to go to Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan for the sake of filling up the attendance.
I'm not going to lie to you, but I'm not looking forward on seeing sick people in the next 6 weeks.
But a med student got to do what a med student got to do.

Along the way, its not a sin to go play play right? Hehe.

But I'm SURELY gonna miss my family tho'....


Lots of love,
All the way from Borneo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

'Tak Payah Susah-Susah' Wishlist.

*camera case only

Some pictures are linked. Click for more details.

Too much for turning 22 eh?

Ok lah then.

Tak payah la susah-susah.

Post yang kat bawah ni pun dah kira okay.


the best i've ever had.

One thing that makes me happy every single day is getting a phonecall from him.

Although it will just be a simple hello or a fight of who's getting fatter after several months apart.

But today I received one of the rare ones. As usual, I waited for his call, which is usually at midnight.

But Vertical Horizon 'The Best I've Ever Had' was not heard until one and a half hour past midnight.

I bet he won't remember that he called today.

Coz I'm pretty sure he's 100% asleep when he called. Nasib lah boleh faham ape die cakap. Haha.

Thank you for calling me in your dream sayang.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Never the best feeling.

I always think that I'm inadequate.

When it comes to people, eventhough they are at the level of my waist, I have a feeling that they are above me in some aspect. Its not that I feel intimidated by litte kids, I'm not that stunted. It is just like I'm not living my life full enough to be wiser, to be strong enough to stand up and speak. Sometimes I think that the voices inside me dominates my sound box. I'm not hallucinating, just don't get me wrong. I have not lost my sanity, I know.

Eloquence is really hard to attain, but it is easy to act like you are eloquent enough to face the world. I hope some day it will come to me.

Although I know, it might not be easy.

Footnote : One week to go!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Points

1. Nowadays, I didn't even realize how fast time goes by. When I woke up this morning, its already April. But the thing is, I feel like february has just ended yesterday. It Is quite ironic actually as ObGyn suppose to make days feel like months years.

2. I love April. Not because I will turn a year older in the middle of the month, but just because its April.

3. I realized that I have been thinking too much lately. I don't even notice that I have not cut my hair since October 2008!

4. I missed travelling. For the past two years, in this time of the year, my sisters and I were travelling in Indonesia :(

5. I missed talking on the phone to him :((

6. For the record, I have been staying in Kampung Baru on weekdays for the past two months.

7. I want to go out and take pictures with my big black machine soo badly!