Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Points

1. Nowadays, I didn't even realize how fast time goes by. When I woke up this morning, its already April. But the thing is, I feel like february has just ended yesterday. It Is quite ironic actually as ObGyn suppose to make days feel like months years.

2. I love April. Not because I will turn a year older in the middle of the month, but just because its April.

3. I realized that I have been thinking too much lately. I don't even notice that I have not cut my hair since October 2008!

4. I missed travelling. For the past two years, in this time of the year, my sisters and I were travelling in Indonesia :(

5. I missed talking on the phone to him :((

6. For the record, I have been staying in Kampung Baru on weekdays for the past two months.

7. I want to go out and take pictures with my big black machine soo badly!


diyadot said...

i miss travelling with u too... :(
its sad that as time goes by and we grow older, things get more hectic and burden of responsibility gets bigger everyday, and we lose grip on what actually matters in life..

i wonder, whether we get to write our own story or we are just living what has been written?

i love you sis.

p.s.: i haven't had a haircut for almost 4 years dah. hehe.

liyana 'querida said...

thanks kaklong
i love u too :)))