Thursday, April 9, 2009

Never the best feeling.

I always think that I'm inadequate.

When it comes to people, eventhough they are at the level of my waist, I have a feeling that they are above me in some aspect. Its not that I feel intimidated by litte kids, I'm not that stunted. It is just like I'm not living my life full enough to be wiser, to be strong enough to stand up and speak. Sometimes I think that the voices inside me dominates my sound box. I'm not hallucinating, just don't get me wrong. I have not lost my sanity, I know.

Eloquence is really hard to attain, but it is easy to act like you are eloquent enough to face the world. I hope some day it will come to me.

Although I know, it might not be easy.

Footnote : One week to go!!!


Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

hi :)

thanks for uh, outing yourself, ehehe.


liyana 'querida said...

oh,its a pleasure.
thanks for droppin' by :)