Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010: Save Earth, Go Green! (or black)

If you think you have throwed mountains of rubbish or have been using CFC aerosol spray long enough in your life which contributes to the formation of unwanted holes in the ozone layer, you should become a part of Earth Hour campaign in order to pay your debts to Mother Nature.

Bukan susah pun, on 28th March 2009 at 2030 to 2130 hours 27th March 2010 at 2030 to 2130 hours, grab a blanket as well as your picnic basket and head to your lawn. You should spend that one hour stargazing, instead of watching tv, blogging, facebook-ing, or doing any electricity-required activities.

Vote for EARTH by turning off your lights for ONE HOUR. It is world's first second global election day.


Which side are you?

[composed on 15th March 2009, edited and reblogged on 27th March 2010]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who knows, maybe I'll be the next Nobel Prize winner.

I've decided which hospital I want to serve in Insyaallah a few months time, provided I pass my Professional III exam (Aminnnnnnnnnn). After endless discussions with my mother and siblings, and after exchanging a few emails with my dad, I realized that it does not matter which hospital I end up working with, it's the experience that truly matters.

"Choosing the place to do whatever ship should be the least of your's how you handle these people and most importantly how you handle youself is the key..".

Those were exactly what ayah said that made me realized that I should not think too much about where I want to be posted. Thank you ayah for your advice. I miss having you around :(

I was told on Friday that all of us have to submit our form for our housemanship application the latest on Tuesday. So, today, I've spent my evening searching for my SPM certificate as well as other important things to be compiled with the form. When I was busy searching, I came across this....

Funny tak! Hahahaha! I was laughing my heart out when I saw this! But hey, I dreamt of being a doctor since I was 10 years old kot! When I was little, I always dream of becoming a scientist. Back then, I had a weird fascination over people working in the labs, with the test tubes filled with weird looking liquids, people wearing lab coats with their electrified hairdo (imagine: Albert Einstien), I was determined that one day, I will work in the lab, create something new, and win the Noble Prize (too much for a 10 year old eh?pfffttt). Dah masuk high school baru realized that there was no chemistry between me and Chemistry (the subject). Time tu baru lah fikir nak pursue a degree in Genetics (gila ambition punya highly specialized :P). But I always put Doctor as a career of choice at the back of my mind, as I think that I will be needing a miracle to get into medical school. Pejam celik tak sangka sekarang ni dah masuk my final year of medical school. It is funny how time flies when you least expect it.

Alhamdullillah, for now, I think I've acheived more that what I've dream for. But I still have a looooooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg journey to go. Now, all I have to do is fuel up my tank with endless information and shift to gear 5.

Ya Allah, permudahkan lah jalan untuk hamba mu ini...Aminnnnn.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Should I keep this blog or delete it?

Should I keep this blog or delete it? Please respond, anonymously pun takpe. Your comments are greatly appreciated. :)

This abandoning-blog-thingy is getting teruk-er each day. Sorry for all my readers out there (macam ada je), but recently, I have a tendency to open-close-open my 'new post' section, most of the time I will leave it blank and end up closing it again. From now on, I won't be posting as 'frequently' as before. I'm telling this because I don't wanna put high hopes to my readers (cewah, belagak lagi ada org baca blog ni).

Anyway, what's up with people posting pictures of their trip to Broga Hill? Everytime I came across those pictures in my facebook news feed, I'll end up seeing the same set of pictures again and again. Macam duplicate pulak. Ok, random ranting of the day. I'm saying this because I'm soo jealous of those people who get a chance to witness Broga's breathtaking sceneries. Nak pergi :(

Yay! Tomorrow Mama will be coming back home from Jeddah. :)) From now on, Ayah's second home is in Jeddah. Ayah has started working there since last month and Mama accompanied him for the first month. I'm happy for Ayah, but..

I'll definitely miss his Maggi goreng, Mee Hailam and Sup Ekor.

He is a hard worker. Eventho he was a pensioner before he got this job, that never stop him from doing other works. He loves gardening, and he is a good carpenter. Come visit our home, I'll show you all of the cupboards, cabinets and tables that he has worked on. We even have our own hand-made waterfall in our front yard. I will definitely miss the cluttering noises when he's busy building a new furniture for the house.

I'll definitely miss having late night snacks with him. Usually, he sleeps quite late as he loves to watch the TV late at night. If I'm still up, and he happen to make a sandwich for his supper, he will make another one for me without me asking for it.

I'll definitely miss his jokes.

I'll definitely miss HIM.

He is not the type of father who is open in term of showing his love towards his children. He has his own way of showing it, and I love him for that. Ayah, do take care, and come back home as frequently as you can ok. Ikan-ikan ayah dah rindu kat ayah ni. hehe.

I have to stop here, in dire need to press the forward button now. Can't wait to see Mama tomorrow!