Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wishlist : Camera bags!

It's that time of the year when your birthday is just approaching, the only thing that comes into your mind is receiving that pretty wrapped box, twirled with ribbons and together with it comes a neatly handwritten birthday card, reminding you that you have grown a year older. For me, April is that time of the year! So, to make things easier for you guys me, I've created a wishlist.

LOL. As always, I'm not expecting any present-lah. :P In reality, I will probably end up buying this stuff by myself. Hehe.

My GREATEST craving is : A brand new dslr camera bag! It has to be trendy, but most importantly, it has to look like an ordinary women handbag! I'm sick of carriying that big black dull Canon camera bag. The reason is because photography is my hobby. I'm not planning to be full-blown photog or anything near that field. Carrying that dull canon bag screams "Hey, look at me! I'm a poser!I have no idea how to use a dslr, I own one because everybody has one..". Come on lah. I despise those group of people who carries around dslr around their neck, acting like a real photog when the end result are just MySpace worthy shots. You know what I mean. LOL. Okay, back to the real topic. So, most of the time I will end up tossing my camera in my handbag. Most of my handbags are BIG and BULKY. Not that I didn't have a choice, but I prefer big handbags compared with small ones.

I've got a list of beautiful camera bags which I've came across in the internet. Here is it:

1. Epiphanie Bags

pictures courtesy of beyond-snapshots.com

I'm in LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE with Epiphanie's Lola (red) camera bag! Ginger (brown) is nice too. But it costs MYR 530 / USD 169. :( I will die in starvation if I get my hands on this bag. *sigh*

2. Kelly Moore Bag

If only I have the money tskkk. These lovelies costs MYR 646/ USD 199.99. I can get two Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lenses with this amount of money! Kelly Moore's bags comes in purple, fuchsia, grey, brown, black, jade, and cranberry. Obviously, I'm torn between purple and fuchsia.

3. Janine King Designs

Funky isn't it? I love the designs. Simple yet stylish! And to make it sound more interesting, it costs MYR 194/ USD 59.99 only! Hahaha. I know it's still expensive, but compared to the previous two bags, there's a higher chance for me to own this baby.

If money is not a problem for me, I'll go for:

1. Epiphanie's Lola/Ginger
2. Janine King's camerabag
3. Kelly Moore's Purple bag

Oh, and hey, if you have come across other beautiful bags, do inform me. I'm keeping my options open for now. Yes, I am serious about buying one! Hehe.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anaquerida's closet.

Mellinda Looike, Bernard Chondran, Hatta Dolman and Zang Toy, BEWARE!
Anaquerida has ventured into Malaysian fashion industry! Grrrrrrrrr. (hey, at least I'm stepping on solid grounds. I'm competing among Malaysian designers je :p)

HAHAHAHAHA! *gelak besar*. I'm not a fashion-geek/fashion-guru/fashionista, or whatever you call it. I was meddling around the net (I was bored) and I accidentally I came across this site, looklet.com.

Best gila! You can play around the models and create new looks! Click here to go to my page. Oh and please ignore the profile picture LOL.

Okay, lets get in anaquerida's closet shall we. [copyright controlled]

Arggggggggghhhhhhhh ( tiba-tiba tension!).
If only I have a chance to own them!
Takpe2, my birthday is coming :)

Okayh, got to go!