Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anaquerida's closet.

Mellinda Looike, Bernard Chondran, Hatta Dolman and Zang Toy, BEWARE!
Anaquerida has ventured into Malaysian fashion industry! Grrrrrrrrr. (hey, at least I'm stepping on solid grounds. I'm competing among Malaysian designers je :p)

HAHAHAHAHA! *gelak besar*. I'm not a fashion-geek/fashion-guru/fashionista, or whatever you call it. I was meddling around the net (I was bored) and I accidentally I came across this site,

Best gila! You can play around the models and create new looks! Click here to go to my page. Oh and please ignore the profile picture LOL.

Okay, lets get in anaquerida's closet shall we. [copyright controlled]

Arggggggggghhhhhhhh ( tiba-tiba tension!).
If only I have a chance to own them!
Takpe2, my birthday is coming :)

Okayh, got to go!

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