Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Current checklist:

Accident & Emergency
Family Medicine
Community Medicine
Obstetric and Gynecology

Yeahhh! Four more to go! And hopefully, if I pass all of the end posting exams, I will be able to fly to Sandakan for my elective, which will be the first time in history I will be away from my family for more than a week! SIX WEEKS to be exact. For the first time, I will be out of my tempurung. InsyaAllah, if the hospital in Sandakan is willing to take us-lah. Currently the girls and I are putting our thoughts together in order to write an essay on why we have chosen Sabah for our electives. We have no idea on what to write, but I the only thing that I have in mind right now is to jalan-jalan, and the reason we chosen Sabah is because we got will have a chance to go to lots of exciting places! Okay I know I'm not taking this thing seriously. Neeeeeed tooo fooocuuussss. Naah~ Not right now. Still in the holiday mood. :P

I've finished my end posting Psychiatry exam just now. *Relieved*. Sekarang perlu tawakkal je, I did my VERY best, and hope all the craps that I've blurted out this morning was enough in order for me to pass. After four years living as a medical student, getting a pass is more than enough for me. If I'm aiming for distinction, I think I will be wearing a one inch thick glasses and walking like a dead corpse by now.

Psychiatric posting was FUN! At first, I can't deny lah, I was scared like shite, and I don't think I can go to the ward and deal with the mentally disabled. Stigma punya pasal lah. But as time goes by, the idea of going to the ward and clinic was very far from nerve-wracking. I'm very proud of myself because I managed to stay in the ward until evening! Kalau time medicine posting, pukul 12 dah nak balik bilik. Ngehehe.

For the medical students yang belum lagi psychiatric posting, I can assure you, it will be an unforgettable train ride of your life. For others, I know, the things that will come to your mind if you think about the mentally disabled is "they does not belong to the society, desert them..bla..bla". Remember this! They have feelings too, just like all of us. Only that their brain-hormones are not really in balance. Just think it this way, if your estrogen or testosterone are imbalance, your behavior will be slightly or very far from normal-kan? Just like them-lah. I'm not saying that if you see them in public you can pat them at the back and talk about the weather. Just for once, put the stigma aside, and treat them like human beings. They have too much stressors in their lives to begin with. *emo kejap :P*

Quoted from a mural in Hospital Bahagia Tg Rambutan:

"Bahagia kami, kami bahagia...."

Actually I have no idea what it means, but I want to add something to it:

"Bahagia kami, kami bahagia, semua bahagia, mari berbahagia"

Perfect! Now all I have to do is call Hospital Bahagia and ask them to repaint the mural. At least the inmates have something to do other than working in the kebun or running around naked in the 544 hectars of land.:P

Footnote : Currently on holiday mode! Yay! 26 days in counting before he comes back home! :)


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eik,dah tulis dh.
definitely ong is going to curse me somehow. :P

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sah gila!

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gudluck babe

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