Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doze off therapy.

  • Location : Relaxation Therapy Room, Federal Lunatic Asylum aka Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta.
  • Camera : 5mp Sony Ericsson Cybershot C902. Unknown shutter speed (trying to describe it like a photography-geek but she knows she is far from being one)
  • Purpose : Light therapy for people with anxiety disorder.

For your information, I have a fair share of having difficulty in falling asleep, which is a very common problem in every healthy, ungrateful homosapiens. Previously, if I have difficulty in dozing off in one particular night or if I want to take a nap, what i will usually do is:

I will count sheeps.

Yep. I know its lame.. old school..and very conventional.

Blah blah. But somehow, I found the countings can distract me from thinking about everything. I'm a thinker and usually, I keep all my problems to myself. So, imagine lah betapa banyaknya masalah diri I have to think about, belum lagi masalah negara tu. :P

Last week, I had a daytrip to the prestigious hospital bahagia located in Tanjung Rambutan (which has been a very enjoyable and memorable trip, I will definitely go there again, considering its very near to my kampung. But as a commoner lah :P), and I had a chance to visit the relaxation therapy room, which is indicated for patients who have anxiety disorder. There, I manage to capture the above pictures. Nice isn't it? And I was wondering, kan ke best ada lampu mcm tu dalam bilik. Confirm boleh tido ngan nyenyaknya...

But the thing is, kat mana la nak dapat beli lampu secantik tu. Kalau ada pon, it will definitely cost a fortune. So, for the time being, I will stick on counting sheeps in order to get a good night sleep. If not, who will take care of my precious, fluffy sheeps? I know I cannot count on Mary. She has her own lambs to be taken care of.

Footnote : As far as I can remember, I usually count not far from 20 sheeps before I slept. I really have to count more in order to outnumber Mary's lambs. She has been in this business for quite a long time thats for sure. So, my future goal is; buy the neon lights and breed more sheeps.