Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips from a Blackberry user.

Things I like love about my Blackberry

1. Finally, I can use only one handphone smartphone. It was quite troublesome to have to carry two phones everywhere you go. My boyfriend studies in Indonesia, so in order to cut cost, we both had two phones with Maxis and XL (Indonesian) line. Now that both of us owns a BB, we just BlackBerryMessenger (BBM) each other. Pantas, senang dah mudah (Cewahhh!).

2. I admit, I'm a Facebook and Twitter(just recently) addict. With BB, I can check and upload pictures to Facebook and blab in Twitter literally everywhere! (Read: everywhere means; 1. places with no wireless network; 2. places with phone coverage)

2. You've probably heard people saying that having a BB is only worthit when your friends/family are also using it. It's true in the sense that you can only Blackberry Messenger with another BB user. The truth is, BBM is the same like any other messenger eg. YM, G-talk, MSN Messenger. The only difference is in BBM, your friends will be among BB users only. You just have to download other messenger application from BB App World and you can start instant messaging your non-BB friends through BB 24/7.

3. E-mailing is a lot easier with BB! The RIM technology allows you to send and receive emails in a flash. This is because your emails & attachments are compressed no larger than 2 KB.

4. It's qwerty keyboard and sleek design. A perfect fit for those with big hands, like me! ;)

Things I dislike about Blackberry

1. You have to subscribe the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for you to enjoy those things I mentioned earlier. Your BB can work without BIS, but a BB without BIS = Bukan Blackberry lah! Haha. If you are using prepaid, you can activate your BIS per day/week/month, and the rate depends on your provider. But in my opinion (and experience), if you are planning to use BIS everyday, it is advisable for you to change your plan to postpaid and subscribe the monthly BIS package. I've been using Maxis's BIS service for nearly 5 months now. So far, so good :)

2. RIM, please make a Hipstamatic for Blackberry!! Oh, it will be nice if I can swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger on my BB. Tak payah nak beli Lomo dah kalau ada Hipsta for BB!

3. If you like to play games and download ridiculous applications for your phone, BB is not for you. Go for iPhone or Android phone instead. I'm saying this because BB has limited applications for you to download, and most of them aren't free.

4. You cannot make video calls using any Blackberry phones or iPhone 3Gs. Video calls are only available with iPhone 4 (over Wi-Fi only), or the new (not yet released) Blackberry Playbook. Oh saya mahuuuuu itu!

Uuuuuuu. Lebih kecil dari iPad yang gedabak tu.
Yang ini, saya mahu.

5. iPhone 4 is OVERRATED. Siapa setuju sila angkat tangan. Heh.

I hope these help. ^.^


Arifah said...

iPhone 4 is over over over rated!!!

*saya angkat dua2 tangan dan kaki sekali*

Hahaha. Boikot Appla merchandises. =P

-Pengguna HTC-

Arifah said...


Liyana Zainal said...

Yeahhh betul tuuu Arifah!
Apa ada dengan apple?
Wah Android-ians. Cool. ;)