Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Graduation : Wishlist!

{baby's breath}

{pastel colored roses}

{calla lilies}

{daisy gerbera}

This post is in response to my status in Facebook:

Well, I don't want to leave you guys wondering how those flowers look like. I'm pretty sure those names does not ring any bell up there since we live in a tropical country; unless you're living in Cameron Highland or majoring in flower and plantation (ade ke course tu?), you are excepted.

So, *hint* my graduation is next Sunday (101010), and I will be a very happy graduand if I can get my hands on those lovely bouquet *hint*.

Heeeee *smirk*.


ARYN said...

i choose daisy :) but i got rose for my graduation.hoho.

sunflower will be nice too. but it suit man rather than woman.

Liyana Zainal said...

Comel kan daisy :)
Too bad fresh flowers tak tahan lama. huhu.

Anonymous said...

last week our group held a similar discussion about this subject and you point out something we have not covered yet, thanks.

- Laura

Liyana said...

wah, tak sabar nak convo ye.Jgn lupa senyum2 atas stage! hehe :)

Liyana Zainal said...

Laura - No biggie. :)

Liyana - Haah tak sabar! Hehe. Tulah, takut buat benda2 merepek je nnt sbb panic! :P