Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm uber excited!

Just now, I was startled by a loud honk which came from my front gate. Ingatkan apek surat khabar lama, rupanya van Pos Laju. I'm expecting a Pos Laju delivery since last week actually. A dear friend from Ipoh asked me a favor to collect her graduation robe, so I'm expecting a letter from her containing her academic regalia forms etc.

The postman was super-cute! He was like "Ni surat nak pergi Khidmat Negara ke?". I responded "Eh, taklah..." (Dalam hati : "Wah! Pakcik ni ingat aku 17 tahun ke. Heeee"). Tapi kesian Pakcik Postman sebab kena berjemur tengah panas. Thank you Pakcik Posman! Tanpa awak, takdelah surat cinta untuk saya!

I thanked the super-cute postman, grabbed the letter and went straight into the house. I was confident that the letter was from my friend, so I didn't bother to look at it thoroughly. I wasn't expecting any letter from KKM, not at this time of the month, due to the response I got from them late last week. I called KKM asking about the induction course last Friday and they said they couldn't confirm the date, and they ask me to just wait for the letter.

Surprisingly, it's THE letter! It's just been freakin' 3 days after the phone call and it's here! Whoooohooo! Bravo Gomen! Hahaha. One worddd: EFFICIENT!

Okay, I haven't mentioned it here, my Graduation will be on the 10th of October. According to the letter, induction falls on the 11th of October, which is one day after Graduation! Alhamdulillah. I'm truly blessed. Thank you ALLAH for granting my wish :) When I was doing my Tawaf Umrah, I prayed and prayed that I'll start work not to early and not to late, hopefully when I'm ready mentally, physically and emotionally. I have a feeling that this is the perfect date to start my housemanship, Insyaallah.

Now I have to start training myself to wake up early in the morning, sort out my notes, freshen up my knowledge, buy new clothes for work and pray hard I'll be posted to the nearest hospital from home. :)

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