Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sabah has TONS to offer!

Jungle trekking at Ox Bow Lake, Kinabatangan

Lower Kinabatangan river cruising

Canopy treetop walkway at Poring Hotspring, Ranau

Kinabalu National Park, Kundasang

Hiking at Mount Kinabalu. (weehuu :P)

See the Orang Utans at Sepilok, Sandakan

Gomantong Cave, Sukau

Sibuan Island, Semporna

Those were the places that we've been when we were in Sandakan, Sabah. There are a lot more interesting places that we don't have the chance to go, due to the lack of moolah as well as weekends-lah.

For wildlife enthusiast, Borneo is one place you should go! There are lots of National Parks in Sabah for you to get lost into. And for those who wants to go to their honeymoon, I recommend Semporna. You can find the most beautiful crystal clear water, white sandy beaches as well as breath-taking water-chalet in Semporna since its the getaway to multiple number of great islands i.e. Sipadan.

I surely will miss my six weeks in Sandakan, the great company and friendly people that we have make friend with. :)

And yes, my aim of 70% GO JOLI and take pictures during our stay in Sabah (refer to the previous entry) has reached its target, but the 1% aim of going to the hospital for the sake of filling up the attendance has reached above its target limit to 20%, since we went to the Medical Camping in the center of Borneo.

Ok lah tu kan?

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