Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Points : June '09

1. I've not been active in blogger since last 3 months. As you can see, I've been transported to Sandakan Sabah for my medical electives, and I have no access to free internet connection there. It was a pretty hard time for me since I couldn't feed my pet in petsociety like I did everyday in KL. Poor Bam Bam.

2. Now, you can know where my whereabouts by following me on Twitter!click on the link. Whether I'm France eating crossaint or in Hollywood chasing Johnny Depp filming Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (he look hideous as a Mad Hatter!), you will definitely be updated!

Looking at this picture really bring back BAD memories. Remember IT? The haunted clown movie? I can't even get into shower properly for a few weeks back then.

He was much better playing Sam. :)

3. I hate to even think about this. I'll be back to school in about a week time. Being a final year student, it will be a HARD year for me and my friends. But I really, REALLY want to get over all this torture fast, in order for me to get to the next level of torture, the Housemanship. This is fun, really. Do pray for our us to pass, as well as for our happiness.

4. Following number 3, why don't the management reshuffle our grouping? Its not that hardpun. It really can give me something to look forward to. :(

5. Swimming is F.U.N.! I'm slowly catching up with my swimming skills I've learned ten years ago, with the help of the swimming addict herself, the elder sister.

6. Anybody who has a Facebook account and think that you owe me something, care to join me in my posse in Fashion Wars, and Cap'n Seamus Kookypants crew in Pirates Rule The Caribbean (its a facebook game application, and yeah, I know, I really need to go out and breathe some fresh air or something) By doing that, you are free of me debt :)

7. Writing in points Che Det's style is much more faster and easier for me I think. That is because my mind works like a firework. When something comes up, it doesn't stay there for long.


ayumin said...

On the contrary, I'm grateful that the management didn't reshuffle our grouping for next year.


liyana 'querida said...

lucky you :(

and now i know who made them not to reshuffle the grouping...

hahaha. kiddin'.

HaNi said...

5th yearr!!!!
freak out....

liyana 'querida said...

same here!!