Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Fingers

We went to my dad's kampung the other day and I had a chance to snap some pictures of my grandmother's garden.

Since the weather was great, I couldn't resist myself to go out and take a few shots of the blooming flowers and freshly harvested fruits. I admit, I love to take pictures of nature as they will never complain of how my shots will turn out to be ( big grin ;)

Both of my grandmothers have greenfingers, and obviously that talent is passed on to the second generation, my parents. I hope there's a greenthumb gene inside of me too, probably waiting to come out once I bury myself in dirt sigh.Lets hope that talent doesn't go down the drain shall we.


madey said...

nice pics!

hi liyana...couple wif hafidz ke? haha sori menyibuk..actually aku classmate die mase form 4, so memg lost contact lame gile dgan die lepas spm...hafidz xde fbook kan?

just googled his name n luckily found your blog..btw, send my regard to him..kalo die x kenal madey, ketuk sket kepale die..hehe

nanti nak kawen , jgan lupe jemput =)

liyana 'querida said...

thanks madey :)
oh patut la macam tak kenal. huhu
haah, die mmg xde fb pon.
suruh buat tapi tak buat2 :P
orait, nnt aku bgtau die.

insyaallah, ble kad kawin siap, tp for sure bkn dlm masa terdekat la. huuhu :)

aidanlaniaz said...

"nanti nak kawen , jgan lupe jemput =)"

"insyaallah, ble kad kawin siap, tp for sure bkn dlm masa terdekat la. huuhu :)"

abesla bitau mama.

liyana 'querida said...


bitau ah.