Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yellow feet day.

Meet Sunrise, my new pair of flats.

I owned her last week, out of my mother generosity. Sayang Mama~

I seldom buy shoes. Usually, I will buy them only when I really have to or if I feel like my feet deserves a new treat after months of wearing the same old shoe. This time, I bought her because of the second reason. I'm all fired up the first time I saw her, and I knew I have to get her.

First stop with Sunrise : KLCC.
I had lunch with a senior Petronas officer, two Lawyers and a Hotlink promoter. Nothing official just had a business meeting with 'em. Haha drama lebihh. It was my auntie, my sister, her friend and my cousin, all working under one roof. My sister is currently doing her practical in the Law Department in Petronas for one month.

After filling up my empty belly, I went to Kinokuniya. It is a sin if I don't visit Kino when I'm in KLCC, or it will be like going to Sushi King without eating sushi. Yep, I know the books are a little bit pricey compared to MPH and Borders, but I love hanging out there.

The reason why I got addicted to places full with books, story books to be exact, was my mother. My mother is a librarian and my siblings and I always follow her to work since we were small. She will bring home storybooks for us. She also often brought us to bookstores, and when we were there, one hour was usually not enough for us to search for the perfect book. Other than going the usual bookstores in malls, there was this little bookstore where she usually brought us, located in Central Market, where we can either buy or rent the books. The books there are either first or second hands. The second hands are of course, cheaper and the books are all in good conditions.

Getting back with my day with Sunrise, I decided to take a train to Central Market, since I have to wait for my sister until 5pm, and it was only 2.30pm. I has been a while since I bought my last book there, probably since high school. But it was truly worth it, despite having to get through the heavy rain and to make it worst, I've forgotten to bring along my umbrella, which is a habit of mine (in the end I'll usually end up buying a new umbrella) . I finally got my hands on one of Mitch Albom's bestselling novel, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I was searching for Tuesdays With Morrie at first, but as I said, the bookstore was small, and I'm afraid if I'll be buried in a stack of books and I'm not very fond of dying when the people that I love was not around, as Isabella Swan said,

"...dying in the place of someone I love seems a good way to go.."

[after watching it, I understand why Edward-Cullen-Craziness are currently infecting the minds of young girls, not to forget the young-at-heart too]

It has some defect here and there, but it was perfect.

After one hour searching for my book, and my sister's as well, I roamed around Central Market to wait for the rain to stop. For my surprise, there was a stall selling printed shoulder bags. I'm allergic to anything printed, from vintage, patchwork to floral prints. I totally HAVE to get them, considering the price was cheap compared to other places. Previously, I purchased two printed shoulder bags, one I got it from Malacca, the second one from Bandung. Now I can add up another one in my collection. Yay!

The shoulder bag was blue-white-chocolate colored paisley print, I was totally decisive when I decided to buy it because it totally worth the sweat.

After the rain has stopped, which I realized only after I have bought an umbrella which cost me 10 bucks (refer to the previous statement) *greatness* I took a train back to KLCC. The umbrella was cute though and hey, I can add it up to my umbrella collections.(optimistically thinking)

A lunch accompanied by great people, hanging out in Kino, a new book and paisley-shoulder bag, not to forget a new umbrella, today was definitely a great day out, wasn't it Sunrise?

Footnote : I should write a post with the title 'The Headturning Reality of Wearing Yellow Shoes'. Haha :P

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