Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Confessions of a Signboard Enthusiast

Confession: I have a thing with signboards.

Especially the peculiar ones.

Here are some of it which I think are totally odd
and it is a sin if I don't post it in my blog.


Location : Port Dickson's Mosque

My friends and I were on our way to grab our lunch when we saw this signboard. It was near to the main gate to the mosque. Obviously, they want to avoid people from blocking the main entrance. But we were laughing our hearts out when we read the "Harap Faham" part.

Memang orang Malaysia ni kebanyakannya
tak faham bahasa.


Location: Bandar Hilir, Melaka

When you are in Malacca, and you have a couple of days off left and you have no idea where will be your next holiday destination, don't hesitate to go to London. It is only 10632 kilometers away.


Location : Dago Plaza, Bandung, Indonesia

I was pretty amazed when I saw this signboard to the washroom. I get the bananas and all, but apples? I have to think real hard to get the 'picture'. Probably pears are hard to find there.


Location: Taman Safari, Puncak, Indonesia

Lesson of the day, ponies bites.


mardotti zaaba said...

hi liyana. mard ere. didnt know u hav a blog.hehe. will surely check urs out more often after wud b great if u want to link me.happy blogging!

HaNi said...

i think the apples that cut into half represent the labias..
my OnG-ness and OnG-ism haven't faded yet

liyana 'querida said...

mard : will be checking urs too :)

anot: mystery solved! thanks anot! hehe