Saturday, December 13, 2008

I want to fly.

I had never felt so relieved and free for months. Not even when I'm having my holiday last week.

Thanks to the closure of one chapter of disaster in my life as a medical student, the Community follow-up posting. I would like to congratulate myself after managing to do it out of scratch.

And oh,
after months of waiting, finally, I have something to look forward to.
HIS arrival.

But for now, I think what I want to do is go and get a new book, probably the one with happy endings and dive into it.


ayumin said...

dahsyat sangat ke CFUP tu?
cuak plak nak start ni.
anyway, selamat start posting baru!
family med+community memang terbaik! (in terms of melepak2 la hehe)

liyana 'querida said...

dulu part cari patient agak susah.
lgpn ktorg totally hv to do it ourselves. mmg xde org guide. supervisor xtau sgt pn.
but korg dah exposed to community med kan, suppose korg okla sket kot.
good luck!

ayumin said...

You've been tagged.

花生豆花Star said...