Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The sweet-goodbye post.

I woke up this morning, feeling horrible. Not because I was having one of those awful bad hair days (thank GOD i'm wearing hijab) or my boyfriend slept in the middle of IM-ing me last night (okay, the latter was true but I did that to him almost every day, so I have no right to be mad. Heh). Ayah went back to Jeddah yesterday. He will not make it for my graduation but I'm okay with that because we went for my graduation photo-shoot last week, so metaphorically, I've graduated. Heehee. I hope he will be back for raya Qurban though, or else the four of us will be celebrating raya alone as Mama will be doing her Hajj this year. Hmmm. Things will be quite difficult without him, but we'll be fine, Insyaallah.

Here's some 'melodramatic' pictures me and my sister took when we were in KLIA.

Bully victim T.T

Ayah kacakkk

Uhuk :.(

L-R: Dato' Siti, Frankenstein, Mama cantikk

Arghh. I hate saying goodbyes, especially in the airport. Believe me, I should be an expert in saying goodbyes by now. Tapi tak tahulah kenapa tak expert2 sampai sekarang. :(

So, in order to put my mind at ease, I baked.

Tak main la bake senang-senang. Bake recipe susah-susah la, baru thrill. :P Actually, tak susah pun. Nama resipi yang macam nak kena pergi France beli ingredients, tapi senang je. ;)

Vanilla & Chocolate Coconut Macaroons. Heeeee.

I'll probably post the recipe later, depending on your request. If you want the recipe please don't hesitate to leave a comment. But this macaroons are strictly for coconut lovers. For those who are hypersensitive or doesn't like the coconuty-taste and texture, you should try other macaroons recipe, prolly the almond based macaroons.

Till then, XOXO.

p/s: I miss you Ayah. Uhukkk :(


atee said...

kenapa atee nangis bc entry ni ek?
i'm always around for the 4 of u, u know that kan?

tak ckp pun nana pegi france buat macaroon...

anje suke tu tau!!

Liyana Zainal said...

alaa atee jangan la nangis hehehee.
we know that you will always be there for us! nanti bila mama ngan ayah takde kitorg crash rumah ati selalu!! heheeee

hahaha. macaroons ni nana baru try je atee. nak try french macaroons tp xde ingredients. coconut macaroons ni sedap gak, mcm kuih dangai sikit rasa dia. nnt nana bg atee sikit eh!

luv ya! :)